A Tour around some of Tredegar House gardens

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"The role has helped me improve my confidence with talking to big groups of people, with giving presentations and standing up in front of people and talking to them.


The role has helped me gain skills in interviewing people as I have done numerous interviews for roles in the Heath Board"

Alex, Gwent Ambassador


"Georgia has learned how she can find the second bus when she gets to town.


She is still nervous about this, but has shown me how her confidence has grown and how she can problem solve on her own"

Sadie, Travel Buddy Co-ordinator


​​For additional details of our projects across Newport, search for ‘Growing Space’ on Dewis Cymru or Infoengine


Horticulture - Tredegar House

Our project is located in the gardens and park at Tredegar House in Newport, working in partnership with the National Trust.   Participants are involved in horticultural therapy and training, and can enjoy working in many areas of the site.  There are opportunities to work in areas such as the woodlands and lake, the beautiful historic walled garden, the polytunnel, the private cottage garden, allotments and more.  


Situated near the caravan park, we also have a dedicated creative arts and crafts room located in the meadows building. 


Other activities include a range of accredited and non-accredited training, which covers a variety of horticulture, vocational and employability skills, and arts and crafts.

Supervisor – Brian Hanlon:  brian@growingspace.org.uk

Supervisor – Ian Dumayne:  ian@growingspace.org.uk


Growing Space Shop - Tredegar House

Our fundraising shop at TH showcases the creativity and talents of participants from across our GS projects.


We offer:

- plants and produce from our horticulture projects

- garden planters, bird tables and nesting boxes made by our carpentry groups

- paint supplies and upcycled furniture

- handmade craft gifts

Participants are involved in all aspects of running the shop, which includes creating product displays and serving customers. This provides valuable customer service and retail experience, alongside accredited qualifications.  This is a great opportunity for developing confidence, communication and employability.

Supervisor – Brian Hanlon:  brian@growingspace.org.uk

Healthy and Active Fund – Tredegar House

​This project provides activities to promote physical and mental wellbeing, enabling participants to plan and achieve positive lifestyle changes.  This project is delivered in partnership with Newport Mind, National Trust and Duffryn Link.

​Supervisor – Ian Dumayne:  ian@growingspace.org.uk


The Laundry Garden – Tredegar House

This project is delivered in partnership with Woodlands Routes to Wellbeing.  Participants accessing this project help to maintain the ornamental shrub garden, wildlife friendly garden, and grow herbs and organic vegetables, some of which are in raised planters for easy access to all.  This project also has access to the community kitchen, where participants can learn to cook and eat healthily.  All duties are light work and mainly using hand tools. 

Supervisor – Brian Hanlon:  brian@growingspace.org.uk

Horticulture - St Cadoc’s Hospital

Our horticulture project is based across several wards in the grounds of St Cadoc’s hospital, Caerleon.  Participants on wards are involved in horticultural therapy through working in the garden environment.  This is an opportunity for patients to get outside, do some gardening, get some horticultural experience, and enjoy the many benefits of being out in nature.

Supervisor – Glyn Matthews:  glyn@growingspace.org.uk

Woodwork – St Cadoc’s Hospital

​The ‘RESTORE@thewoodshed’ project, is in partnership with Aneurin Bevan University Health Board, and is based at St Cadoc’s hospital, Caerleon.  It enables participants on wards to make the transition from hospital back into the community through the recovery and rehabilitation process of work experience, activity and occupation.  It also supports participants who need furniture by providing them with recycled furniture on discharge.

Participants gain skills in woodwork, painting and decorating, tiling, upcycling, and health and safety, whilst also increasing their confidence.  Taking part in this project enables participants to recognise the importance of structure and social engagement by working in this environment.

A range of products have been made, and are for sale to the general public, including bird boxes, bird tables, shoe horns, garden planters, benches, hedgehog houses, and bespoke upcycled products.

Supervisor – Lee Davies:  lee@growingspace.org.uk

Learning to Grow - WEFO

The project supports people aged 25+ with mental health conditions, who are long term unemployed.  The project helps participants to build new work-related skills through hands-on horticulture, woodwork, IT and craft activities. Participants will also have a work-based learning programme, which will lead to accreditation in job-related skills. 

The aim is to improve mental and physical well-being by encouraging a collaborative approach to environmental and learning activities. This will  help motivate and provide a purposeful daily routine leading to participants taking control of, and responsibility for, achieving their own wellbeing, staying independent and ultimately gaining sustainable employment.

No More Barriers 

​This project is delivered across Gwent, and has 2 strands to it:

Consultation – Growing Space provides supported employment opportunities for our Gwent Ambassadors who are individuals with a learning disability.  Their role involves engaging with individuals with a learning disability, staff and organisations across Gwent to report on what matters to people, what is working and what needs more work in Gwent.   

Employment – our employment model is for people with mental health, autism or a learning disability.  This provides support to break down the barriers to employment, and provides a bespoke, planned journey towards employment opportunities.   Referrals into this project can have support with developing a CV, and work related qualifications, and help with supported volunteering, supported work placements, and supported employment. 

Currently this team provides supported work placements in each of our social enterprise schemes at Brynmawr Paint Shop, Happy Cwtch Café and Tredegar House Shop.

LD Project Co-ordinator – Rachel Parker: rachelParker@growingspace.org.uk

LD Support Worker - Jane Williams: jane@growingspace.org.uk

Travel Buddy Scheme 

This project is delivered across Gwent, and has 2 strands to it:

Travel Buddy Trainer – Growing Space offers paid supported employment to individuals with a learning disability, autism or mental health who are confident in using public transport.  Travel Buddies on this project are paid on a sessional basis, at the National Living Wage to provide a peer mentor role in supporting independent travellers wanting to gain experience and confidence in travelling on their own.  Travel Buddies go through a training plan, and are individually matched to those referring in for support with travel. ​

Independent Traveller – Many individuals with a learning disability, autism or mental health are not confident in using public transport on their own, but want to learn to be more independent.  Individuals who refer in to this service for support are buddied with a Travel Buddy, who trains them, and supports them to become more confident with travelling independently.

This is a bespoke service and therefore the number of sessions required varies.

LD Project Co-ordinator – Sadie Rogers:  sadie@growingspace.org.uk